Echoes of growing up italian by Gina Valle


The highlights of Gina Valle book launch!


ONMI TV stopped by to showcase our wonderful Intergenerational Program with St. Norbert School. The students and residents truly enjoyed their time together celebrating the fun and spirit of Carnevale.


On November 6th, VLG celebrated the long-awaited opening celebration of the 3rd Floor and 5th Floor Activity Rooms whose renovations were generously donated by The Famèe Furlane Toronto Golf Classic Committee – Italo Di Bonaventura, Oretta Avoledo, Camilo Di Bonaventura, Giovanna De Rosa, Mara Mian, Alida Re and Mara Querin and GeriatRx Pharmacy – Randy Goodman and Fabio Berlingieri.

The Activity Rooms are the heart of each floor and mean so much to every resident. It is a space where the team hosts many recreation activities, residents spend time with each other and enjoy many celebrations.

Without the generosity of The Famèe Furlane Toronto Golf Classic and GeriatRx Pharmacy, the Activity Rooms would not look like they do today. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making our residence a more comfortable and joyful place for those who call Villa Leonardo Gambin home.


The 3rd Floor Pictures are from the Famèe Furlane Golf Classic.


The 5th Floor are from GeriatRx Pharmacy.


Gianni Ceschia Awarded the City of Vaughan’s 2023 Volunteer Recognition Award

Chef Gianni Ceschia has been a dedicated member of the Villa Leonardo Gambin Board of Directors since 2005. As part of the Board, Gianni helps make decisions that impact both the care of the 168 residents and the work environment of approximately 300 staff members. This requires multiple meetings per month, which varies depending on the issues that need to be addressed.

Chef Gianni also generously donates his time to Villa Gambin’s various events, whether it be sponsoring a gourmet golf food station or cooking for the resident BBQs. Chef Gianni is always willing to give a helping hand when needed and has also donated prizes for our 2022 online auction, as well as other promotions – all at his expense. He is a pillar in the Vaughan community and has also volunteered his time for years with the Famee Furlane Toronto, Mens Sana, and The Italian Association Chefs of Canada, to name a few.

Chef Gianni embodies the true spirit of a volunteer, as he gives without the expectation of anything in return. We are truly fortunate to have such a unique, gentle-hearted, humble, and hard-working individual as Chef Gianni on our Board and as a member of our Villa Gambin Family.