Host an Event

Villa Leonardo Gambin (VLG) relies on community donations, volunteer involvement, sponsorships, partnerships and third-party events in order to achieve the sustainability of the organization. These involvements should promote greater awareness of VLG in the community.

In order that both VLG and the Third-Party Event Coordinator have a clear understanding of expectations in the execution of a fundraising event, and so VLG will be able to assess whether it is able to participate in the particular initiative, Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines have been developed.

Community members interested in donating proceeds from their events must read the Third-Party Fundraising Guidelines, initial where indicated and sign as having accepted them.


A Third-Party activity can be defined as any fundraising initiative brought forward by an individual(s), community group, service club, or business external to the VLG who wish to raise money through a planned activity that is designed, managed and financially resourced by the external participants.