Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

The Villa Leonardo Gambin community is a caring environment where people come together to create & celebrate a purposeful, exceptional, quality of life.

Our Mission

Create and Celebrate a Purposeful, Exceptional, Quality of Life.

Our Values


Creating a trusting and supportive environment for residents, families and team members.

Positive Attitude

Going the extra mile with a smile to enable us to excel and explore new possibilities in an environment of connection, communication and growth.

Continuous Improvement & Growth

To continually identify and take action on an incomplete or unrealized idea.


Working together to support and look after one another and provide a sense of purpose.

Team Work

Coming together to work hard and yield amazing results through providing individualized care for residents and one another.


Working to go above and beyond to provide the best value to our customers and be best in class.

Our Residence