Our Senior Leadership Team

Sonia Roul


Phone: (905)856-3939 Ext. 750

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Vanessa Romero

Director of Care

Phone: (905)856-3939 Ext. 753

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Stephanie Romano

Director of Resident & Family Services

Phone: (905)856-3939 Ext. 752

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Kliton Ceku

Director of Dietary Services (DDS)

Phone: (905)856-3939 Ext. 757

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Jean Ramirez

Office Manager

Phone: (905)856-3939 Ext. 751

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Voltaire Dela Cruz

Manager of Maintenance & Building Services

Phone: (905)856-3939 Ext. 756

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Our Charity Staff

Cinzia Del Zotto, CFRE

Executive Director

Phone: (905) 856-7619
Phone: (905) 856-3939 Ext. 754

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