How do I apply for admission to the Villa Leonardo Gambin Long-Term Care Residence?

The initial step is to contact your Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) in your area, or if you are already receiving services from the LHIN, contact your Case Manager and request to complete an application for Long-Term Care.

What are the costs for living at Villa Leonardo Gambin?

The fees for accommodation are set by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Villa Leonardo Gambin offers both Private and Basic Rooms.  The LHIN will provide you with all the appropriate rate information.

Is there a Wait List?

Currently, Villa Leonardo Gambin Long-Term Care Residence has a wait list of over 1,200 applicants.  The Wait List is maintained and updated by the LHIN.  The wait times for admission will vary depending on the type of accommodation you have selected, the level of care required by the applicant and if the applicant is in crisis in the community. If you are contacted by LHIN for an admission, you have 24 hours to accept the bed and five days to move into the residence.  Declining a bed may impact your position on the wait list.

What happens if there is an outbreak at the residence?

Villa Leonardo Gambin has an Outbreak Management Protocol in place to deal with Respiratory and Gastro-Intestinal outbreaks. If a potential outbreak is in progress immediate measures will be implemented to reduce the transmission of disease.  All residence area staff will immediately communicate concerns of infection transmission to the charge nurse. The Registered staff will implement initial infection control measures as appropriate according to signs and symptoms presented, including isolation of affected resident(s) and use of transmission based precautions. Staff will then notify attending the physician and obtain any orders, contact families of infected residents, explain the signs and symptoms of the suspected outbreak and any precautions that have been implemented. The home discourages any physical contact during an outbreak to limit the spread of the outbreak. Families are encouraged to call their loved ones and the home for updates.

Are residents allowed to walk around the Friuli Centre campus?

Yes -Villa Leonardo Gambin is part of the Friuli Centre Campus and residents that are independent and physically and cognitively aware can stroll the area. Residents that require assistance will be accompanied by staff or volunteers.

Can residents go to Mass?

Currently, we offer Roman Catholic Mass every other Thursday at 2:30pm in our Multi-Purpose Room. Mass is offered by the priests from St. Roch’s Parish. In addition, the residence offers Rosary every Friday at 2:00pm in the Chapel.

Can family or friends bring food to the residents?

Food is allowed but you must consult with the registered nursing staff prior to your visit. Some foods require refrigeration, special storage or could be harmful for those on special diets or medications. We ask that no food be left in a resident’s room unless discussed with the registered nursing staff. Only non-perishable food should be brought in and must be stored in an airtight container and labeled with the resident’s name and the date it was received.

Where can I get additional healthcare information?

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term-Care


Local Health Integration Network


Health Canada


Public Health Agency of Canada


York Region Public Health