Villa Leonardo Gambin launches its new Better Beds Fundraising Campaign

Nestled in the bustling area of Steeles and Islington lays a hamlet called Villa Leonardo Gambin. This long-term care residence is home to 168 seniors and adults with special needs. Since opening in October 2004, the residence has cared for over 550 people and prides itself on being “Best-in-Class”.
This month, the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity is launching the Better Beds Fundraising Campaign which addresses the imminent need to equip the home with 120 of the highest quality healthcare beds available. This small change is not only important for the comfort level of the residents but also for their health and safety.

How You can help

There are several ways in which you can help us reach our goals and improve the lives of the people who call Villa Leonardo Gambin home. For example:

  • Make a generous donation of $5,000 and your Corporation, Company or Association name will be elegantly recognized on the foot of one of our new beds
  • Make a smaller but still much-needed donation as part of a collective effort with a “Community Bed” name recognition elegantly displayed on the foot of one of our new beds
  • Host a community event
  • Ask your employer for a matching donation

All donations are eligible for a charitable receipt and will be acknowledged on the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity website.