Sausage Making At Villa Leonardo Gambin

It was a great way to start off the new year for Villa Leonardo Gambin, as they came together and paired with Dolce Lucano meats to create homemade sausages with the residents on Jan. 11th at Villa Leonardo Gambin on 40 Friuli Court. The residents were in for a treat as the sausages looked delicious and were homemade from scratch! This event carried on the Old Italian tradition of sausage making and left everyone eager to see how they were going to come out. The early morning featured plenty of hard work as the finished result was simply great. The team and volunteers of Villa Leonardo Gambin deserve credit for helping out with this event. The Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity (formally known as Friuli Long Term Care) was created by the Famee Furlane Toronto to build and maintain a long term care residence on the Friuli Centre Toronto campus.