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The Volunteers of Villa Leonardo Gambin

Villa Leonardo Gambin (VLG) is a long-term care residence centrally located in Woodbridge, ON. The residence has been home to close to 800 people since it opened on October 30th, 2004. The mission of VLG is to create and celebrate a purposeful, exceptional, quality of life which is evident as soon as you walk through the front doors of this vibrant residence.

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(source Neighbours of Boyd Park-Woodbridge by Julie Achtermeier)

VLG hatches chicks for Easter

VLG Participated in the Green Acres Outdoor Education Chick Hatching Program. We received 12 eggs and all the necessary equipment from the company. We placed the eggs in an incubator for approx. 21 days until the chicks began to hatch. Once they hatched, we kept them in a large box and cared for them for about a week. The residents enjoyed watching the chickens hatch and were able to touch and hold them once they were born. Everyone was very involved and enjoyed this unique experience.

Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity’s 15th Annual Oak Leaf Gala

On October 15th the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity held its 15th Annual Oak Leaf Gala. This year’s Bourbon Street Theme brought a taste of the “The Big Easy” to the Famèe Furlane Toronto.
“We are thankful to all the guests who continue to support the Oak Leaf Gala. This year we raised over $100,000 that will be used to help purchase new electric beds for the residents and provide the additional funding needed to continue to deliver Best in Class care to the community,” says Board Chair Jerry Buligan.
The evening began with a performance from Toronto’s own Turbo Street Funk who entertained the audience with their interactive performance. The evening’s entertainment continued with Swamperella who performed Cajun music in keeping with the event theme. The guests then danced the night away with the musical stylings of Simply Grand which is led by Juno award nominated George St. Kitts.
We were honoured with a presentation by Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua who presented the Charity with a cheque for $10,000 in support of the Better Beds Fundraising Campaign.
Guests were surrounded by scenery from the streets of New Orleans. Tables were decorated with replicas of street lamps and feathers for a whimsical touch.
The establishment of the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity would not have been possible without the presence of the Famèe Furlane Toronto which was founded in 1932. Located on Steeles and Islington in Woodbridge, ON, the Friuli Campus is home to the Famèe Furlane Toronto, the Friuli Terrace and the Villa Leonardo Gambin Long-Term Care Residence.
For more information about Villa Leonardo Gambin or The Oak Leaf Gala, please visit or call 905-856-7619.

Baiocco Family Donates Television To Villa Leonardo Gambin

Residents, team members and families celebrated the unveiling of their brand new café/bar television generously donated by the Baiocco family on August 16th in memory of one of Villa Leonardo Gambin residents Domenico Baiocco. Domenico was a resident at Villa Leonardo Gambin from 2011-2016 and was a wonderful and caring man with many friends in the home. The Baiocco family continues to support Villa Leonardo Gambin through volunteering their time and visiting residents. The residents, family members and team at VLG would like to thank the Baiocco family for their generous donation and their ongoing support.

Ferragosto Party At Villa Leonardo Gambin

On August 15th the residents at Villa Leonardo Gambin celebrated their 12th annual Ferragosto party. The residents, family members and team enjoyed Brio, spiducci and ice cream. As well, there was live entertainment throughout the afternoon for all to enjoy. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Please join them next year for their 13th annual celebration!

Villa Leonardo Gambin launches its new Better Beds Fundraising Campaign

Nestled in the bustling area of Steeles and Islington lays a hamlet called Villa Leonardo Gambin. This long-term care residence is home to 168 seniors and adults with special needs. Since opening in October 2004, the residence has cared for over 550 people and prides itself on being “Best-in-Class”.
This month, the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity is launching the Better Beds Fundraising Campaign which addresses the imminent need to equip the home with 120 of the highest quality healthcare beds available. This small change is not only important for the comfort level of the residents but also for their health and safety.

How You can help

There are several ways in which you can help us reach our goals and improve the lives of the people who call Villa Leonardo Gambin home. For example:

  • Make a generous donation of $5,000 and your Corporation, Company or Association name will be elegantly recognized on the foot of one of our new beds
  • Make a smaller but still much-needed donation as part of a collective effort with a “Community Bed” name recognition elegantly displayed on the foot of one of our new beds
  • Host a community event
  • Ask your employer for a matching donation

All donations are eligible for a charitable receipt and will be acknowledged on the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity website.

Revving up for Villa Leonardo Gambin!

This past April, 24 Teams revved up their Go Karts for the 1st Annual Paul Flumian Grand Prix. Event Co-Chairs, Italo Di Bonaventure and Perry Dolente led this Sold Out event which raised $15,000 for the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity and $30,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital.
“We organized this event to celebrate the memory of Paul Flumian whose passion for helping others through his community work was a life commitment. Paul was a Grand Prix enthusiast and this event was a fitting tribute,” said Italo Di Bonaventura, President Dolvin Mechanical Contractors Limited.
“It was truly overwhelming and inspiring. I can’t begin to thank the sponsors and drivers for their support and enthusiasm in helping us raise funds for these two incredible causes,” said Perry Dolente, President Dolente Concrete and Drain Co.
The Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity relies on community donations, volunteer involvement, sponsorships, partnerships and third-party events in order to achieve the sustainability of the organization. These involvements also help promote greater awareness and understanding of our programs and services in the community.
We are truly grateful for people like Italo and Perry who are inspirational philanthropists within the community. We hope that others follow their lead by partnering up with the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity in raising money for our Long-Term Care Residence.