The Original Bed

Invacare Carroll Echo Hospital Bed

The Original Beds are 8 – 10 years old.

The average lifespan of an electric bed is approximately 10 years.

The Original Beds are heavily used and often break down.

As they age, parts are harder to find and replace.
The Original Beds do not have a light at the bottom of the bed which increases the risk of falls, especially at night.

The Original Beds do not have built-in weight scales which increases the risk of injury for the more vulnerable of residents.

The Original Beds do not have a back-up battery system, so if there is a power outage the beds will lose functionality.

Residents do not have control of the bed features. A PSW has to come and assist to change the position of the bed.

The Original Beds do not have a built-in alarm and rely on a separate mat system that is plugged in which alerts the staff to movement.
This is not a great system as the mat can be moved or unplugged accidentally.

The Original Beds have limited body positioning options.

Better Bed

Stryker – Spirit Select

The Better Beds have night lights that are programmed to turn on when a resident exits the bed to help reduce trips and falls. This is especially important at night to help the resident and the door easily.

The built-in scale reduces the need to transfer residents for weighing, making the experience easy and with no discomfort.

The Better Beds have battery backup systems so when there is a power outage there is no disruption in usage.

Better Beds are wider and are able to offer a multitude of positions for the user.

Not only does this provide for more comfort on a daily basis, but it may reduce

instances of edema, back pain, sleep disturbances, and other ailments that may result from long periods of bed rest.

The Better Beds have a built-in alarm system that can be programmed to alert the attendant if a resident is laying down and turns, sits up or stands up.

Staff would set the alert based on the individual needs of the resident.

This alarm system has been a real tool in helping to bring the number of accidental falls down to the lowest levels in our care community.

Our Families & Staff Say …

“Our mom is a recent recipient of one of Villa Gambin’s new Better Beds. We are very grateful that mom’s bed has been upgraded. We feel that it greatly improves her comfort, her safety and the overall care that she receives at this wonderful facility. A special thanks to the staff of superheroes at VLG!”
The Deotto Family
“We as a family donated toward the Better Beds Fundraising Campaign because we thought it was a win-win situation. It was a charitable donation where 100% of the money is used to purchase the bed and most importantly we see the impact that the beds have made with the residents.
Everyone should give what they are able to anafford so all the residents of VLG can have new electric beds.”
Anonymous, Family Member
“The new beds are the best because they’re more comfortable for the residents and for the nursing team. The residents can be weighed in the comfort of their bed and there’s less bending and lifting for the staff.
We need more of these Better Beds so all the residents can have one.”
Rosanna Farrel, PSW
“The Better Beds Campaign was an amazing eort by the VLG board and staff to bring their home to the forefront of the healthcare industry.
This second phase to ensure everyone gets a Better Bed just goes to show how much they care. In my opinion, these beds are a great investment and should be every donor’s top priority.”
P. Vecchiarelli, Donor
“We are so grateful for the new beds at VLG. We have peace of mind knowing that the moment my dad tries to get out of bed, an alarm is triggered for a nurse at the front desk to go and assist him. It also has varying positions and the entire bed lowers for ease of getting in and out. All of the bed’s features assist in lowering my father’s fall risk and make mobility in and out of bed much easier.”
Lori Francescutti, Family Member