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Baiocco Family Donates Television To Villa Leonardo Gambin

Residents, team members and families celebrated the unveiling of their brand new café/bar television generously donated by the Baiocco family on August 16th in memory of one of Villa Leonardo Gambin residents Domenico Baiocco. Domenico was a resident at Villa Leonardo Gambin from 2011-2016 and was a wonderful and caring man with many friends in the home. The Baiocco family continues to support Villa Leonardo Gambin through volunteering their time and visiting residents. The residents, family members and team at VLG would like to thank the Baiocco family for their generous donation and their ongoing support.

Ferragosto Party At Villa Leonardo Gambin

On August 15th the residents at Villa Leonardo Gambin celebrated their 12th annual Ferragosto party. The residents, family members and team enjoyed Brio, spiducci and ice cream. As well, there was live entertainment throughout the afternoon for all to enjoy. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Please join them next year for their 13th annual celebration!

Villa Leonardo Gambin launches its new Better Beds Fundraising Campaign

Nestled in the bustling area of Steeles and Islington lays a hamlet called Villa Leonardo Gambin. This long-term care residence is home to 168 seniors and adults with special needs. Since opening in October 2004, the residence has cared for over 550 people and prides itself on being “Best-in-Class”.
This month, the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity is launching the Better Beds Fundraising Campaign which addresses the imminent need to equip the home with 120 of the highest quality healthcare beds available. This small change is not only important for the comfort level of the residents but also for their health and safety.

How You can help

There are several ways in which you can help us reach our goals and improve the lives of the people who call Villa Leonardo Gambin home. For example:

  • Make a generous donation of $5,000 and your Corporation, Company or Association name will be elegantly recognized on the foot of one of our new beds
  • Make a smaller but still much-needed donation as part of a collective effort with a “Community Bed” name recognition elegantly displayed on the foot of one of our new beds
  • Host a community event
  • Ask your employer for a matching donation

All donations are eligible for a charitable receipt and will be acknowledged on the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity website.

Revving up for Villa Leonardo Gambin!

This past April, 24 Teams revved up their Go Karts for the 1st Annual Paul Flumian Grand Prix. Event Co-Chairs, Italo Di Bonaventure and Perry Dolente led this Sold Out event which raised $15,000 for the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity and $30,000 for the Princess Margaret Hospital.
“We organized this event to celebrate the memory of Paul Flumian whose passion for helping others through his community work was a life commitment. Paul was a Grand Prix enthusiast and this event was a fitting tribute,” said Italo Di Bonaventura, President Dolvin Mechanical Contractors Limited.
“It was truly overwhelming and inspiring. I can’t begin to thank the sponsors and drivers for their support and enthusiasm in helping us raise funds for these two incredible causes,” said Perry Dolente, President Dolente Concrete and Drain Co.
The Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity relies on community donations, volunteer involvement, sponsorships, partnerships and third-party events in order to achieve the sustainability of the organization. These involvements also help promote greater awareness and understanding of our programs and services in the community.
We are truly grateful for people like Italo and Perry who are inspirational philanthropists within the community. We hope that others follow their lead by partnering up with the Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity in raising money for our Long-Term Care Residence.

Cruise Week At Villa Leonardo Gambin

Welcome to paradise. All the residents at Villa Leonardo Gambin were able to enjoy a week away on a cruise in February. The entire Home was decorated from top to bottom with the theme of Caribbean Cruise. The residents enjoyed the rhythm of a steel drum band, the beautiful art of dance provided by Caribbean dancers and even had a Caribbean themed birthday party. It was a great experience to see the residents, staff and volunteers enjoyment of the cruise week. This was one way to help keep warm during the colder times!

Sausage Making At Villa Leonardo Gambin

It was a great way to start off the new year for Villa Leonardo Gambin, as they came together and paired with Dolce Lucano meats to create homemade sausages with the residents on Jan. 11th at Villa Leonardo Gambin on 40 Friuli Court. The residents were in for a treat as the sausages looked delicious and were homemade from scratch! This event carried on the Old Italian tradition of sausage making and left everyone eager to see how they were going to come out. The early morning featured plenty of hard work as the finished result was simply great. The team and volunteers of Villa Leonardo Gambin deserve credit for helping out with this event. The Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity (formally known as Friuli Long Term Care) was created by the Famee Furlane Toronto to build and maintain a long term care residence on the Friuli Centre Toronto campus.

The Villa Leonardo Gambin’s Brunch With Santa

The Villa Leonardo Gambin brunch with Santa was held on Dec. 13th at 40 Friuli Court to help celebrate Christmas. The event featured staff, family, guests and Santa Claus who took pictures with some of the guests in attendance. There was staff dressed up and kids also got in on the holiday fun. This was a great way to put a smile on everyone’s faces. The Villa Leonardo Gambin charity was created by Famee Furlane Toronto to help build and maintain a long term care residence on the Friuli Centre Toronto campus. Villa Leonardo Gambin is a caring environment where people come together to create and celebrate purposeful exceptional quality of life by embracing happiness and possibilities. Their brunch with Santa brought in good food, good moments and happy times

Celebrating Grandparents Day at Villa Leonardo Gambin!

On September 13th, residents, families, friends and staff members from Villa Leonardo Gambin were invited to celebrate Grandparent’s Day, an annual event organized by the Family Council. The day included arts and crafts, face painting, live music, a clown and a visit from the Vaughan Fire Department. The day was a great opportunity for residents and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to spend quality time with one another and create long lasting memories. Thank you to the dedication of the family council, the management team, staff and volunteers at Villa Leonardo Gambin. We look forward to next year as this event continues to be a great success year after year! Visit for more information.

The Villa Leonardo Gambin Bazaar

The Villa Leonardo Gambin Bazaar took place on Dec. 5th for their annual Christmas Bazaar event. They enjoyed a day of baked goods, fashion, jewelry accessories and so much more. The Bazaar was held in the multi-purpose room and the space was filled with a variety of vendors set up to allow residents the chance to purchase some fabulous items. Everything from clothing, jewelry and creative crafts that the residents made themselves were also on sale. The guests of Villa Leonardo Gambin had a great time as they were also able to check out the gift items provided to the residents. This event was created to collect funds that went straight towards supporting the residents program. Overall, it was an incredible day setting up the holiday season.

The Walk For Alzheimer’s At Villa Leonardo Gambin

The walk for Alzheimer’s at Villa Leonardo Gambin took place on June 9th at Villa Leonardo Gambin. This was a walk around the Friuli Campus in support of Alzheimer’s. The walk began at 10:00am and live music followed at 10:30am. Drinks and healthy snacks were provided at the completion of the walk. Overall, everyone had an awesome time.