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VLG Canada 150

Watch this video:

Check Out this amazing video put together by our Awesome Recreation Staff! It shows our residents Celebrating our beautiful nation on its quasquicentennial!!

VLG hatches chicks for Easter

VLG Participated in the Green Acres Outdoor Education Chick Hatching Program. We received 12 eggs and all the necessary equipment from the company. We placed the eggs in an incubator for approx. 21 days until the chicks began to hatch. Once they hatched, we kept them in a large box and cared for them for about a week. The residents enjoyed watching the chickens hatch and were able to touch and hold them once they were born. Everyone was very involved and enjoyed this unique experience.

VLG donates to the Italian Earthquake relief fund

The Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity is pleased to announce that we have donated $10,000 from the profits raised from the 2016 Oak Leaf Gala to the Canadian Red Cross for the relief effort after the Italian Earthquake. We would like to thank the red cross for coming out to accept our donation.