100th Birthday Party At Villa Leonardo Gambin

Teresa Mineo turned 100-years-old and everyone was welcomed to join in on the celebration. The celebration took place at Villa Lenoardo Gambin located on 40 Friuli Court on March. 20th. Teresa celebrated her 100th birthday as she was surrounded by a big loving family. She received a certificate of recognition from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premiere Kathleen Wynne and Mayor of Vaughan Maurizio Bevilacqua. The Villa Leonardo Gambin Charity (formally known as Friuli Long Term Care) was created by the Famee Furlane Toronto to build and maintain a long term care residence on the Friuli Centre Toronto campus. The Charity obtained charitable status in August 2001. Villa Leonardo Gambin is a caring environment where people come together to create and celebrate purposeful exceptional quality of Life by embracing happiness and possibilities.